Since 1932 we have been working with wood, which has been the basis of our family business for the last 90 years, always using the same raw material.

During this long and immense experience, we have suffered civil wars, fires, economic crises, earthquakes, pandemics that have devastated us, having to "start over" on several occasions again, but always with the same illusion and infinite passion, we have chosen to work with wood and its derivatives as the only option.

At the same time that we have evolved in the creation of new products and various applications, we have incorporated and adapted at all times the latest technologies to transform wood into a final product of excellent quality and finishes, we have gone from cutting with band saw to use laser cutting technology, from printing with bronze templates to high definition digital printers.

In the last 25 years we have registered several international patents that have allowed us to manufacture eco-innovative products with total exclusivity.

Advantages and characteristics of the displays and other VISSUALLY- products.

The products we manufacture at VISSUALLY are made of 100% renewable wood fiber, MDF/HDF with a density per m3 that ranges between 750 and 900 kg.

If we compare these data with those of cardboard displays, the difference is up to 5 times greater, the resistance and durability of VISSUALLY displays, easily reaches 10 years of useful life, without losing practically the quality of the first day.

As for the floor displays, we have an added advantage that gives us the laser cutting and is that when cutting the entire perimeter is cauterized and this sealing effect greatly limits the absorption of moisture, giving greater stability and longevity, whether for use in stores, supermarkets or supermarkets, when performing daily cleaning other less resistant materials absorb moisture and deteriorate very easily, losing stability and visual presence weakening the brand image.

Another great advantage of wood fiber, compared to other materials, even sawn wood, is that it does not generate splinters that can be very annoying if a customer or consumer nails them during the use of displays or packaging. Cardboard also has the disadvantage that the edge of the cardboard generates a cutting edge with a razor-like effect that can also cause accidents during assembly or use by end consumers.

The products marketed under the VISSUALLY brand comply with the strictest international environmental regulations, providing our customers with products based on the strictest Ecodesign premises of the so-called "Circular Economy", greatly reducing emissions and significantly improving their carbon footprint.


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